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Everyone has that one favourite musician they’ve been watching for a while, the one that, the moment they blow up, you'll be the first one to claim ‘oh I’ve known about them for ages...’ So when the opportunity presented itself to write an interview for AIME, I turned to none other than my favourite rising star, Alice Kube. Here’s what the German singer-songwriter from Leicestershire had to share with me...


Tell us about your background, how did it all start?


There was never any doubt about my obsession with singing and performing, it was clear from an early age, and when I was around eight years old I had my first ‘performance’ in front of an audience at a family party, where I sang ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt. After that, everyone around me encouraged me to take singing seriously, so I started to expand my musical skillset by taking guitar lessons with my older cousin, who has actually been a massive influence throughout my musical journey. Being able to play an instrument meant that I was able to accompany myself when going out to open mics and other gigs. I also play piano and tend to write most of my songs with keys and build around that. 


I participated in talent shows like The X Factor, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent, but the audition process knocked my confidence, and as a result I decided to go to university and study a business degree so that I always had a plan B. 


In 2017 I was scouted by an agency who asked me to perform abroad as my first professional job once graduating, and this gave me the boost I needed to continue in my pursuit of a professional music career. Since then I have been signed to a small label and have a great team behind me. I also have amazing support from BBC Music Introducing who have really pushed my first release ‘Now I’m Gone’, which made it to track of the week upon its release back in June this year. 

Who inspires your music most? 


Originally I was inspired by country music, believe it or not. I watched the Hannah Montana Movie and was star struck when Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy-Ray Cyrus sang ‘Butterfly Fly Away’ with acoustic guitar, and this was the original spark to start learning guitar. Eva Cassidy has always inspired me as a songwriter, and as music has evolved, I’m very much inspired by artists such as Mabel and Billie Eilish for their work ethic and numerous catchy hits in the charts. 

What steps are you taking to build your career?


In May I was lucky enough to be signed to a management team and small label on an artist development contract. Having an amazing team behind me is allowing me to produce the best quality music and have continuous support with my decision making. I aim to write at least a song a week and just continue to release music in order to build a fan base and hopefully have my music heard by a wider audience. 

What advice would you give other artists wanting to start out in the music industry? 


I would say that if you have a passion for music and it is the only thing you want to do then just go for it! But you really have to have a strong mindset and work ethic, as the industry is brutal. It is hard work and there are no days off and more knock backs than break throughs. I have to remind myself of this daily but if you work hard and have a talent then there is no doubt that you will be successful one way or another. 

Would you say there’s enough opportunities for young musicians to break into the music industry? 


Now that social media has evolved, there are plenty more opportunities for young musicians to take advantage of without having to be signed by a major label. All it takes is one video to go viral and the follows come flooding in which organically sends traffic to your music. However, the market is over saturated and it’s getting harder and harder for people’s profiles to be seen due to social media’s algorithms etc which is something I seem to be battling with at the moment. 

Five years from now you will...


I hope to have completed my own UK & European tour and have supported some credible acts on their own tours. I would also like to have released and EP followed by an Album! 

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done? Can you out do Theresa May running through a field of wheat?


I would like to think most things could out do Theresa May running through a field of wheat... haha, but I would say the most daring thing that I’ve done is jump out a plane, totally not music related but very scary! 

Your go to song for shower time singing – go. 


Mabel – Don’t Call Me Up. 

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