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The perfectly ugly kitten heel you wish you'd thought of.

Thought kitten heels were out? We all did... not Ancuta Sarca, though. 

With influencers like Nicole Mclaughlin finding innovative ways to finally make recycled clothing ‘cool’, the fashion industry is being forced to rethink what the face of fashion can, and should, look like. As a result, young designers need to think sustainably or risk being left behind – a challenge that Sarca certainly hasn't shied away from. 

Since finishing her degree from the Art and Design University of Cluj Napoca, Romania, this London-based designer made her big debut as the newest member of the Fashion East collective at London Fashion Week this September. Her newfound fame lies in one simple, yet genius concept: combining old running shoes with the most unlikely candidate - kitten heels.  


Sarca’s collection is now stocked at LN-CC, although needless to say everything has sold out...


The conversation between fashion and ugliness is one that has always existed, but as designers continue to battle it out for the most niche and extraordinarily 'out there' products, the lines between ugly and beautiful become more obscure. According to Paul Surridge, creative director at Roberto Cavalli, ''Fashion thrives on provocation. It thrives on novelty.” Cavalli views this epidemic of ''deliberately ugly or awkward pieces'' to be a response to the artificial lifestyle being forced upon society today - ''it’s a sign of the time that what feels current is something that isn’t so perfect and isn’t so insipid.” 

Most of the inspiration fuelling the 'ugly fashion' trend is indeed coming from outside-the-box thinkers like Sarca, who are finding new ways to address the intersection of where ugly things become beautiful - all whilst being sustainable. 

It's no secret that high-end streetwear brands have taken luxury in an unexpected direction, and with women swapping their pain-wrenching heels for comfy sports trainers, does the new ‘Nitten heel’ (Nike-kitten) strike the perfect balance we all needed? 


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