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Words Harry Langham 

The Personal History of David Copperfield review – Cockle-warming return to the past brings hope of a brighter future

If some movies are “feel-good”, then Armando Iannucci’s kaleidoscopic adaptation of Dickens’s career-defining bildungsroman is a veritable shot in the arm with the happy stuff, an IV dopamine booster that would warm even the icy cockles of Scrooge himself. It is a triumph of comic imagination, a mazy journey of self-discovery centred around the attempts of its narrator – played by a charmingly blundering Dev Patel – to discover whether or not he is the hero of his own story. Patel is accompanied by a glorious ensemble of actorly talent, cast according to a principle of colour-blind inclusivity which succeeds in warding off the seductive allure of unthinking nostalgia. 


Statue utopianism and Britain’s selective hearing. 

Taking down statues has nothing to do with erasing our past. They’re a way of convincing ourselves that we can listen to history as we deem fit, rather than as it actually unfolded. 




Aria exhibition by Tomás Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno (b.1973) is an Argentinian multidisciplinary artist who grew up in Italy and now works and lives in Berlin, Germany.


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