The downside to this current situation is having all my foreseeable shows cancelled which has been tough, however it’s freed up a lot of extra time to get in the studio. So I’m working on my new music for now. 


I’ve been taking more steps to become active and healthy on a daily basis. It’s important to keep your mind and body in check to be creative and productive – especially in times like these.


Now is the time to take up that hobby or passion you never previously had the time for. When being stuck at home, being able to create and express yourself is invaluable and incredibly rewarding. Just give it a go!



⁣I had a few personal projects of mine that I was really looking forward to that have now  unfortunately been put on hold. It’s crazy how everything changed in such a short span of time but I am glad that modern tools, and my career allow me to work remotely. Truth told, navigating in this time as a business is a bit terrifying but I am extremely thankful to have a supportive agency.⁣


⁣I have a bad habit of picking up new things to learn all the time, so rather than anything new, I’ve used this time to refine projects that I have neglected, like my ever increasing list of video footage I have yet to edit from my travels, or experimenting in illustration styles. Oh, and I am currently back on track trying to learn Japanese.


⁣Honestly it’s a bit opposite for me. I lived a lot of my day-to-day life trying to maximise myself as an individual and through work. I’ve always felt guilty taking a break because I felt like the world wouldn’t wait for me, and I’d be left behind. But since the world has slowed down I have used this opportunity to take a step back and really try to collect myself. I’m appreciating more, and taking my time to understand what’s happening. Although one thing that I am wanting to do in this time is use the opportunity to connect or re-connect with more people. Even during this time of isolation, we live in a time where you can talk to people on the opposite side of world with a click of a button, so I want do my best to not lose that human aspect of my life. Check in with your loved ones, check in with people you barely know, check in with yourself, and take things at your own pace.



My work is so far going really well considering the current circumstances, which came as a surprise to me! I think it’s because I have more time to focus on it, for instance posting more on my Depop listings and making the photos look nicer. It’s great because the work I’m putting in is now really starting to pay off!


Having free time has encouraged me to take up painting , re-learn piano and attempt to make more clothes, as it's a hobby that I previously fell out of due to my lack of time!


A tip of mine is to definitely plan your days and map out what you want to do – it doesn’t have to be a timetable but just stuff you want to get done! It makes you feel more productive rather than feeling lazy with no sense of direction. I think without planning you get into a bad habit of procrastinating. Also write down all the things you have been wanting to do but haven’t got around to doing. 




Right now I am prioritising my design skills, which involves intertwining my art and photography through illustration. This time has given me a chance to not only improve my work but also has allowed me to really focus on revamping my portfolio. I’m just trying to keep myself busy and motivated basically. 


I’ve been making an effort to exercise more instead of sitting on my ass all day! Another pass time is trying to master a handstand lol, also I’m becoming obsessed with learning Tik Tok dances.


I would suggest to not sit around and watch movies all day, get up and do something! Turn back time, get a board game out, cards, or even a puzzle! Try something new whether it’s yoga, learning a language, painting a self portrait! We have to keep ourselves busy in times like these.


I’m currently just trying to make the best of a bad situation really. I plan to use this time to work on some of my projects which I haven’t been able to focus on until now. My aim is just throwing myself into finally getting them done!


I would say to any creatives out there that instead of sitting around, work on your craft. This spare time we have now may never come around again, so utilise it! It’s a good idea to learn a new skill that could benefit your creative output, there are plenty of online courses out there to watch. So forget Netflix and start now! It’s not all about work though, use this as a reason to have time to workout and refresh yourself. All in all, you will then come out the other side of this as a better person. 



I'm doing pretty well with my projects currently as it is actually giving me all the time that I usually lacked, I’m really taking advantage of it.


When I have free time I start to think, daydream and think again and daydream again, and I come up with thousands of new projects. Therefore, I have to filter everything in order to not be overwhelmed by too many projects on the run. So I haven’t taken on any new hobbies, I would rather stay focused for now on what I’m already working on. 


To be honest I was surprised how people were afraid to be bored. I believe this free time is such a big opportunity to think, to dream and realise all your ideas. I feel it reveals that people have a lack of imagination and ambitions in their lives which is a sad reality. I would advise them to try new stuff and the things that they have always wanted to do but never had the time for!



As is the case with most industries, things have come to a bit of a halt in music, which has had a knock on effect on me being able to release new music. For me personally, something feels strange about the idea of live streaming performances. I respect those who are doing it for making the best of a bad situation, and who knows, it might be something that I end up doing!


To take my mind off things I’ve been continuing to organise plans for the future, I’m normally too busy with work to sit down and think about what’s next, but now I have the perfect amount of time to make plans so that I still have things to look forward to. Everyone should be taking this time to catch up with life and feed their minds and soul as well as spending quality time with their family. 




My projects are running smoothly! I feel like I have more time and less pressure so I can experiment with my music. However, all this extra time has made me question whether I need to get some new hobbies… I should probably start thinking about something active to keep me healthy! 


My message to all other creatives would be to plan now, and try to see this (as best you can) as an opportunity. Work out what you really want to achieve this year, and whether you are on track to achieving those goals. If not –make an action plan. Failing that…just get some rest, so you’re ready to start again! 


I was at home most of last week, so I wasn’t able to get on with things as much as I would have liked. I had a meeting on the Monday which I was still able to attend since it wasn’t too far from my studio – luckily there was no need to jump on public transport or go through unknown territory to get there! Hopefully this week I’m going to be able to get some of my work done in the studio, as all my machines and ideas are there. 


I haven’t really taken up any new hobbies or interests, but as long as there’s still hair dye in the shops I'll be dying my hair new colours! I had so many ideas I wanted to do during March and April, so planning is my new hobby right now. 


My one tip would be – sleep!! I mean if you can, see this as a moment of relaxation. I’ve been so tired lately. Before all of this I was always waking up early, heading to the studio, then working until 5 or 6 in the evening. My other tip is to try go outside once in a while, and breath in some fresh air.



As a freelance artist working remotely, things are still running relatively normal for me. I have had some cancellations and a LOT of delayed payments. But fortunately it hasn't affected my workflow much more than that. I am using any extra free time to learn new softwares and experiment more with other mediums. I'm also spending more time working on my personal projects like my clothing brands LEECH.

My advice during this time would be to make the most of what you do, if you're a creative try to promote yourself and your work as much as possible. Sell online, whether it's clothing, music or art, and most importantly – support other talents around you! Learn new skills, read, cook, do all the stuff you can't do during..."normal life".



I'm gutted to be delaying releasing new music, but in the current situation the best thing for me to do is wait. Right now I'm making the most of the indoors with a piano by my side and writing loads. When everything calms down, I'll be working harder than ever to make up for lost time.

When it comes to picking up new hobbies, I've got back into classical piano, and have started to learn guitar too. I'm also trying to get better at production, so hopefully I can put ideas and demos down now to build on post-isolation. I've also got back into yoga which keeps my body and mind healthy, and I'm still loving having the time to cook with the radio on. Snoh Aalegra's album has been on repeat. I'm trying to enjoy each day differently, without setting myself a million different goals and targets.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do right now is to put your phone away for a few hours a day and just do something like cooking, stretching, drawing or reading. Also I'd recommend downloading House Party if you haven't already.


Nii HAi

This lockdown isn't ideal but I'm managing to continue with my projects. Like many I'm also enjoying the time to finally have a break and reset. It has allowed me to really get my head straight and do all the things I'd been meaning to do for so long – boring things like taxes, inventory etc. I have also been designing loads and coming up with fresh ideas and goals for the rest of the year.

In terms of new skills, I've been brushing up on my illustrations and procreate knowledge, so much of my time has been filled watching tutorials, both these things will make my life so much easier when it comes to designing for Nii Hai.

We all need to put our time in isolation to good use. Especially since it's something we'll most likely only experience once. Make to do lists! I make to do lists for everything. I actually structure my whole life like this, making monthly and yearly goals, and from these I make weekly and daily lists. I tend to just do this on notes on my phone each evening, with rough timings for the next day. It really helps to structure your day, and definitely increases your productivity.

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