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Find Your Intern: Meet the entrepreneur levelling the playing field for young creatives. 

Over the past three years, growing uncertainty over how Brexit could affect UK businesses has deterred many companies from investing in new staff. With the job market stalling, and an ever-growing sea of qualified graduates being churned out of the country’s universities year on year, employment opportunities for young people today are at a premium. The monotony of filling out endless job applications – many of which go unread – means it’s easy for young people to fall victim to accepting unpaid internships, and the harsh realities that come with them, in a bid for some sort of career progression.


The particularly cutthroat nature of the fashion industry makes the world of fashion even harder to break into, with unpaid internships sometimes offering the only way in. Commuting to these London-based internships is of course incredibly costly, thus playing to the advantage of those from certain socioeconomic backgrounds, who can afford to work for £0. 


In this process, employers have not only eluded the National Minimum Wage (NMW) through the grey area of ‘work shadowing’, but also risk excluding truly talented individuals and discriminating against factors like class and postcode. 


Fortunately, entrepreneurs like Jasmine MacPhee are working to finally change things. Macphee is CEO and founder of (FYI) – a platform that only advertises fashion internships which are NMW and above. After growing frustrated at the difficulties of finding her own paid internship four years ago, Macphee created FYI for her Final Major Project in fashion. “The sites we were using were stagnate, un-engaging and mostly made up of unpaid internships” she explains, “I wanted to create something cool, current and unlike the rest”. Fast-forward two years, with the 2015 New Fashion Media award at Graduate Fashion Week under her belt, FYI was born.  


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Photos: Jasmine Macphee

Now boasting tools and products like How To Profesh Your Portfolio, CV + Cover Letter Review and Interview Intel from the FYI Shop and FYI Review Clinic, it’s no wonder that FYI continues to grow as a multipurpose student career platform. “The aim with FYI is that it goes full-circle” says Jasmine, “a place where our community comes for prime guidance, to feel safe and to feel WORTHY!”


FYI has totally transformed the arduous process of ‘getting a foot in the door’ into a new and motivating experience that looks and feels cool. Embodied by its #NOPAYNOWAY hashtag, it’s safe to say that Jasmine’s creation is not only empowering young creatives, but is also reshaping the industry landscape altogether, forefronting a much needed fashion revolution.  

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