Better to live true to

yourself for an instant

than never know it”.

Jaime Llavona

Self Portait for the blue.jpg


Words & art Jaime Llavona


A reflection of emotions through faces juxtaposing with its colours. We use words such as happy, sad, anxiety, depression, love… for the same utility as we have a cover of a book, therefore this is my way to represent such feelings and I understand if my cover doesn’t speak to you as we are entitled to our own opinion and we all express in different ways.



(but what is your own opinion)


On paper we are at the greatest point humanity has ever reached. The world is evolving and as every second goes by it is getting better and better. Evolution means there is innovation this meaning it is getting better. Therefore imagine you are an spectator at a horse race, you bet on the horse and your horse wins. On paper that horse is better than any other; however that horse will die younger than your average wild horse guaranteed. But you don’t care about that, won’t think about that and anyway who the fuck cares; you have won your money. 

So now you are thinking what am I writing about ?

Now think that every time that horse is winning its races it is making him die quicker due to its pressure, anxiety, going against his real purpose in life, which down to its roots you would say it is to reproduce and live and be part of this strange non-purposeful  life. That horse represents our brain that it is slowly being killed by social media, materialism, greed and judgement creating these unwanted emotions such as anxiousness, sadness, darkness and fear…etc  our emotions are constantly being  controlled by what we engage with which is where opinion is created therefore ask yourself “how do you see yourself.” A horse or a bidder.  Both are equally in as bad of situations as each other. As the bidder is part of the materialistic superficial society and takes a joy out of it, blindness.


However the horse is unable to do anything about it as it is caged and entrapped. That is what 2018 is. 

At first your surroundings are something you are brought up with but as you grow older your actions subliminally create your surroundings which therefore affect the way you think to an extent and this could mean it can drive your thoughts.


This series of paintings are a mark to leave these unwanted thoughts emotions behind and moving point for the future. You can choose who you become and alter your way of thinking. You can always choose to never bid on the horse at first. 

I see myself. Do you?

Whatever your answer to this question is it has been elaborated by judgements, comments, critiques..etc. mostly based upon Materialistic & Non-existential bullshit that you have picked up along your journey of life till now. 

So therefore ask yourself again and ignore all these factors that are irrelevant. 


Document them, never forget your mistakes. Move on.