As a 21-year- old visual artist, whenever I’m photographing someone it’s important that the creativity of the shoot is a collaboration between the two of us. I like to work in playful ways – I’ll give my model a glass of wine and play some music they like so that they loosen up and become freer within their movements. To me, that’s where the magic is, because we create a project that’s 'ours', opposed to the photographer robotically telling the model what to do.


I have a loyal relationship to 35mm film and I am fascinated with its ability to keep its user focused on a present moment. I also take polaroid photos on each shoot and give my model their favourite, which is a little something I got from Wim Wenders, who believes a polaroid is this ethereal, non-repeatable slice of time you can hold in your hand and keep forever.


Words & photography Melissa Sanger

Model Barnaby Chambers

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