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From plant-based skincare for sensitive skins, to haircare products and cosmetics catered towards the BAME community, AIME's biweekly beauty edit is a selection of products for all.

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Kushie Amin



Vegan, cruelty-free and 100% natural. The Glowcery shop promises skincare with the same nutritious benefits as a kale juice from your local health store. Products are made from cold-pressed fresh fruits and vegetables, packed with superfoods and nutrients to feed your skin. We’re most intrigued by the Clean Greens - Superfood Serum Facial Oil, an oil-serum that includes a cocktail of green, nutrient-rich oils including baobab, tea tree, prickly pear and marula. The anti-oxidant and nutrient rich properties work to provide the skin with intense nourishment, leaving a healthy-looking glow.  

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Luxury bath and body care brand Soapsmith create body washes, soaps and lotions that are designed to pay homage to the quintessence of the English capital. Each product takes its name from a different area of London, with scents artfully combined in such a way as to evoke the sensory experience of their respective geographies. The Bloomsbury range uses sweet, floral notes to encapsulate the elegant and romantic spirit of the area, whilst Camden’s headier disposition is reflected in the scent of white musk, coconut and bergamot.



African skincare brand R&R Luxury pay homage to their roots with a plant-based skincare line focusing on traditional West African beauty rituals. Ingredients are sustainably and directly sourced from Ghana, where shea and baobab are used religiously. The brand’s best-selling product is their cold-pressed Shea oil, a body oil that is gentle and soothing on the skin. Those suffering from acne-prone skin will benefit from the African Black Soap, an anti-bacterial face and body cleanser that cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. A practice as old as centuries, communities in Nigeria and Ghana would combine a mixture of dry plantain skin, cocoa, palm oil and shea into a solid to use on the skin. 

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Born out of a love for the rich botany of St Lucia and the historic Caribbean traditions of plant medicine, Skin Alchemists offer potent skincare solutions using organic and custom blended ingredients. The award-winning Sésenne, a rejuvenating facial elixir, is a powerful botanical blend of oils such as lime, carrot seed and cacay to deeply hydrate the skin and improve skin elasticity. The star ingredient cacay seed oil, is a natural form of retinol (vitamin A) that encourages cell renewal, with powerful anti-ageing benefits.  


Britain’s educational institutions are fuelling our racial ignorance.

While we all reflect on our relationship with race, it is important to consider institutional attitudes

in Britain that have shaped our perceptions. British academic institutions, for example, have done

little to disentangle themselves from the nation’s colonial history.




Weathering the storm: what does the future hold for the music industry in the wake of COVID-19?

Since the UK went into lockdown on the 23rd March, many clubs and concert halls have been forced to close their doors permanently, whilst others have resorted to crowdfunding initiatives in the fight for survival. The outlook is bleak, but many have been creative in searching for solutions and adapting their approach to stay afloat.




Aria exhibition by Tomás Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno (b.1973) is an Argentinian multidisciplinary artist who grew up in Italy and now works and lives in Berlin, Germany.


Statue utopianism and Britain’s selective hearing. 

Taking down statues has nothing to do with erasing our past. They’re a way of convincing ourselves that we can listen to history as we deem fit, rather than as it actually unfolded. 



Creative Of The Moment: Jonatan 

Not only is Härngren expertly versed in textile design, he’s managed to transmute his attention to detail and masterful eye for form and function to another medium: 925 silver.