Issue 001: Zero Contacts

Issue 001: Zero Contacts


AIME Magazine Issue 001: The Zero Contacts Edition.


An industry rife with nepotistic employment strategies, long hours, and low (if any) pay, the nature of the creative industry is enough to put any young person off entering it. No matter how talented you are, it can be difficult to stay motivated when all your hard work goes unnoticed – not to mention the struggle of even getting a chance to prove yourself in the first place! During our own pursuits in the notoriously cut-throat fashion industry, we learnt very quickly that all-nighters in the library, and juggling university deadlines with internship hours to prove your ‘passion for fashion’, counts for very little in the real world. After leaving the education system, you quickly come to realise the truth in the old adage: “It’s not what you know, but who you know”.

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