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AIME speaks to Depop stars Ben and Matt to find out how they founded their online shop Sliced, and their top tips to becoming a Depop sensation. 

Launched in 2012, Depop has quickly become one of the world’s largest mobile marketplaces, with over 6 million users. Sellers primarily use the app to generate income, but also as a tool for self-promotion, with each user's personal shop acting as a way to showcase their individual style. 

The popularity of vintage and second-hand designer garments today, has meant that many of Depop’s users are able to make considerable profits on items they’ve most likely sourced from charity shops. Whilst most use the platform to sell second-hand or designer items, others use it to market their own designs and launch brands. For many young people, the ease and accessibility of this app has made the prospect of upholding a regular 9-5 job much less appealing, and the app’s rising popularity is providing opportunities for a generation of entrepreneurs who see it as a more creative, relaxed and enjoyable way of making money.


Weekends spent rummaging through thrift stores are part of the routine for users like ‘Sliced’, who have been able to make full-time careers out of their Depop shops. AIME finds out a little more from the sellers themselves...

Hi Sliced!


Lets get straight to it with the questions...

Would you say there is a community feel to Depop, more so than on other social media platforms? 


Definitely! Like most social media, a lot of the attraction is finding an online community of people with similar interests. It’s quite a specific platform, the sense of community is definitely greater than something like Facebook which everyone has. A couple times we’ve actually bumped into people we recognise from Depop and had a lovely chat! 

How do you think social media has played a role in making vintage clothing so mainstream? 

Social media means that everyone has access to the same trends across the globe, so they can become overdone pretty fast. I think that’s why people are so drawn to unique, vintage fashion, because they want something that other people can’t access. Inevitably this makes vintage clothing more mainstream, but not in a bad way - people are mixing clothing from different eras to create a completely new style, and its awesome! 

Do you feel like a business owner despite not actually having a physical store? Would you ever consider opening your own store, and if so why? 

Depop is designed to be a fun user friendly app, so it feels like more of a passion rather than a business. Also what’s great is that you can have another job on the side. We’re both at university finishing our degrees so its awesome to have flexibility to use the app as and when we need to. Lots of people also use Depop as a full time job which is wicked; really the more time you put in the more you get out of it! Opening our own store after university has definitely been on our minds. I guess at the moment its more of a fantasy, but who knows what the future holds! 

What would you say is the secret to becoming a successful Depop seller? 

Have fun with it! For us, Depop’s all about finding clothes that you wouldn’t necessarily see on the high-street, so definitely showcase your own style, and be original! Getting good photos is key, and Depop were amazing in helping promote us once they saw we were putting effort in to our shoots, and were trying to do something different. But most importantly be groovy and enjoy it!!! 

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